Introducing a new dimension to the competition in the BlackBerry subscriber market in Nigeria, Airtel is currently offering a new bundle for BlackBerry smartphone users dubbed the 'BConnected' package. The bundle offers BlackBerry Messenger as well as access to social networks Twitter, Facebook and MySpace for the lowly price of 1,580 Nigerian naira a month (approx. $10 USD).

Customers can try out the new service for 30 days, after which they can choose from monthly, weekly or daily subscription plans. Although the bundle excludes push e-mail, it is priced very attractively and will likely cater to the BlackBerry users in Nigeria who prefer not to subscribe to BlackBerry services due to the high cost of the full service plans. What do you think; should BlackBerry service bundles cost less? What about using BlackBerry smartphones for other uses beside e-mail? Voice your opinion in the comments!

For more information on Airtel's offerings, head over to their BlackBerry page

Source: Business Day Online