One of my favorite games on the Android platform has now been released for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's not a direct port either, the game -- AirAttack HD has been designed by Union for the PlayBook and runs natively on the device. Pick your plane and fly through the skies all in an effort to avoid getting shot down:


  • 8 action-packed missions cast you as a wartime pilot
  • More than 50 enemies including 8 intimidating bosses
  • experimental weapons and power-boosting upgrades
  • Destructible environments give you the power to demolish the enemy

You can check out the video above to get a better look at the game or you can hit the link below to purchase it and dive right in. Well worth the $3 in my opinion but you all cansound off in the comments if you've picked it up and given it a go.

Purchase AirAttack from BlackBerry App World