Air Messages

Marco Gallo, the developer behind such popular games as Metal Pixels and Nostalgia has been hard at work with his current project, Air Messages. For the last few months, users only had access to this unique communications application through the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Air Messages employs an uncommon method by which users from around the globe can communicate, which in this case, is geospatial messaging.

When you first launch Air Messages, the first thing you notice is how straightforward the layout is. Users are presented with a Google Map of their current location (Air Messages does ask for permission to access). Being that this is Google Maps, you also have access to street view.

Air Messages Map

From here you can swipe across the globe to discover and read messages from users from around the world. To view a message, simply tap on the icon. The popup displays the public message with the option to reply/chat, pick or throw a message, or report a message.

Air Messages Chat

Besides participating in existing conversations why not send one of your own? Throwing a message is quick and easy. All you have to do is tab on throw message at the bottom, select an icon, enter your name, input your public or private message, and tap on throw. Messages are posted immediately and are pinned to your current location for others to find and respond to.

Please note, this application does not reveal information other than what you provide (users can include their pin by selecting the BBM icon) and your location.

Features and Changelog

  • You can meet friends around the world and share your BBM pins
  • User can chat freely in every Air Message. Hub notification will be added soon.
  • You can pick a message and read the hidden message inside if you're in range of ~100km from it
  • If you pick a message it will disappear
  • Q10 users can now use the app fully and scroll messages
  • You can throw a message away from you randomly, so they can travel around the world with users help. If a message is very popular, something will happen!
  • Added "report" button in every message so user can flag as inappropriate and help our team to remove bad content
  • You can throw more than 10 awesome unique pins with your message inside
  • Big improvements in map stability and speed
  • "BBM Pin" to easily search for friends around the globe
  • New message pins will appear with a spark symbol
  • Offensive users can be permanently banned from the app
  • Air Messages Advertise Program let you promote your business with custom pins and messages around the globe, you can request the Advertise Programs contacting us within the app!

I must warn you there can be a slight delay or lag when loading areas of the map. Other than that particular issue, Air Messages introduces a new way to discover people and places and initiating interesting conversations. You can download this native app for free in BlackBerry World.

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