Air Canada Launches Web Signal To Assist With Electronic Boarding Of Flights

Inside BlackBerry has a great article posted today regarding a new service from Air Canada which uses the BlackBerry Web Signal feature. The process is rather simple and shows the advancements that some airline companies are making as they move towards a more electronic friendly time. These services of course are not entirely new, but the Air Canada launch of such services for consumers integrates nicely with BlackBerry devices. Plus, you get to see the cool integration of bar codes again happening before your eyes.

Anyone who has ever used Worldmate will be right at home using this web signal service, as it works similar with the exception of the fact you will not need to print off or see an agent to obtain your boarding pass. Your boarding pass will be issued to you right on your BlackBerry and scanned by an in house Air Canada rep right from your device so check in and boarding passes are all taken care of without the use of a PC or kiosk.