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Farmers are busy people. They spend the majority of their time in their tractor, half-ton or combine, and not in front of a computer. Yet, much of their critical business information is available on-line: weather, market prices and agricultural news. And when the weather or the market prices change, farmers want to know immediately.

The AgReader application, developed for Farm Business Communications, is a leading edge mobile application that combines secure enterprise publishing and RSS integration with Sherpa Digital's push mobile application that works on the Blackberry. The application features customizable news feeds, weather and market information all from a easy-to-use Blackberry application that works wherever coverage is available.

To make the application even more useful, farmers can choose to receive Environment Canada weather alerts, set commodity price alerts and other critical notifications. Non-critical news and information remains on the device until the farmer has time to review them.

Today's farmers are becoming increasingly reliant and familiar with mobile technology. By bringing information that adds real value to the farmer's daily business practices directly to their Blackberry smartphone, Sherpa Digital and Farm Business Communications have become the technology partner of the Canadian farmer. Full press release after the break.

The app, available free at, is now available for BlackBerry smartphones.

First fully featured Canadian farm & market news mobile app

Canadian farmers can now track weather, futures markets and agriculture news on their smartphones using a free mobile application from Farm Business Communications.

AgReader Mobile is Canada's first fully featured app for following agricultural news and markets, with information instantly available on a smartphone rather than through a web browser. Available free at, the app is available in five versions which can receive news from FBC's main publications, including Alberta Farmer Express, Canadian Cattlemen, Country Guide east and west, Grainews and the Manitoba Co-operator.

In addition to farm news updated throughout the day, AgReader Mobile delivers full-featured market news. It carries grain and livestock prices from major North American futures markets, and also carries futures market commentary in two formats. Resource News International provides three-times daily text commentaries and as well as twice-daily audio broadcasts which can be heard on the smartphone.

AgReader Mobile users can also receive real-time weather information from any of the 800-plus stations on the WeatherFarm network across Western Canada, as well as forecasts for the next seven days.

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