No Email!It’s been interesting to read about all the responses to the RIM outage. They range from panic for those of us cut off from our email, to relief for those of us who got a welcome respite from the normal deluge of messages.

As for me, it didn’t affect me very much because I was asleep. My BlackBerry isn’t allowed in my bedroom because my wife doesn’t like the little green light blinking in the room all night long. I’ve long since given up my perfectly reasonable assertion that you can’t see the light if you just close your eyes.

I was able to receive emails by the time I had my second cup of coffee the next morning, so no harm done. However, had I been on the road it would have been a different story. Away from my computer, my BlackBerry is a lifeline. For my various business ventures to flow smoothly, I have to be accessible most of the time. To be on the road and cut off from email for any length of time would have a serious impact on my job.

I’d like to invite you to share your stories. Was the outage a big impact for you? Or was it a relief? Did you miss an important opportunity or did you realize how important other activities can be, like being accessible to your family without that hockey puck of a keyboard to get in the way?

Let us know…

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