Here's one you good folk over in Africa - Afrinolly now have a BlackBerry 10 application and although I'm not very clued up on the African movie/music scene I gave the app a test run and I was really impressed.

The application has a ton of content so if you like to keep up with all the latest celebrity gossip from the world of music and movies this is the perfect app for you - and it's free to download from BlackBerry World which is always a bonus.

Afrinolly will allow you to watch trailers of movies produced in the African movie markets, most especially Nollywood. Get to watch African music videos, comedy online and full length movies on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

With social media integration you can share any story/bio you find in the app either with Twitter, Facebook and BBM - a perfect example of how a BlackBerry 10 app should be. In fact I would love to see similar apps to this in other countries. Sure, here in the UK we have a few but they certainly are not as good or user friendly as Afrinolly so kudos to the developers of this one.

More information/Download Afrinolly for BlackBerry 10