QuickPlayer by QuickPlay Media is a new application for BlackBerry that delivers streaming audiocasts from a variety of channels.
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Loading QuickMedia QuickPlayer

On my 8700, the application starts up in about 9 seconds. If you are starting it for the first time, you are presented with the Channel Guide, where you can see a brief description of all the available channels.
QuickPlayer Channels
More Channels
More QuickPlayer Channels

You can play a small sample for each channel to decide if you are interested in hearing more. Subscribe to the channels you like and the next time you start the application, you are then presented with icons for each of your subscribed channels.
Subscribed Channels

The graphics are well done, with a polished, futuristic feel. The channel selection covers news, finance, business, entertainment, weather, and even local news for a few big cities. When you start up a channel to listen to it, there is a brief (7-8 second) pause as the stream buffers and then the audio starts to play.
Listening to the forecast on Accuweather channel 

The audio almost always started out a little choppy, but after a few seconds it cleared up and remained very clear for the rest of the audiocast. Most of the audiocasts were around 2 minutes, just about the perfect chunk of time to listen to some news while you take a quick break. But you don’t have to just stare at the screen while you listen. You can switch out of the app by pressing the End key and check your email or compose a message while the audiocast continues playing.

Here are the channels on the beta version I tested:

* ABC News
* MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk
* ABC Entertainment
* ABC Business
* WSJ Tech News Briefing
* WSJ’s Your Money Matters
* WSJ What’s News
* MarketWatch Internet Daily
* Personal Marketwatch
* Money, Markets & More
* The Journal Report
* WSJ Weekend Edition
* WSJ on Small Business
* MarketWatch Stupid Investment of the Week
* LA News
* Dallas News
* San Antonio News
* Atlanta News
* Accuweather.com: Chicago
* Accuweather.com: Houston
* Accuweather.com: Los Angeles
* Accuweather.com: Miami
* Accuweather.com: New York
* BlackBerry Podcast

This is a really slick application. It has simple controls, compelling content, and best of all, it’s useful. It provides a practical way to catch up on the day’s headlines while you multitask and check your email or compose a new message.

The word from the company is that QuickPlayer for BlackBerry is available as of September 12 to telecommunications carriers internationally. Supported devices include the BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 7130 and BlackBerry Pearl series devices.

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