Red Porsche Leather BlackBerry Pearl from Goldstriker I reported the other day on ColorWare, a cool service that lets you send in your Berry for cool color customizations. I've got another goodie for you today. If you thought that was cool, this one takes it to the next level.

How about decking your Pearl out in rich Porsche red leather? Well, thanks to Goldstriker you can do just that. As you can see from the picture, almost the entire back is covered in the beautiful red leather, and just a bit of red leather accents are added to the front. To add some extra 'bling', accents in platinum are added to the Pearl as well.

I'm sure there's no coincidence that this one surfaces with Valentine's Day just around the corner. :)

If you want to pick one up for your sweetie this V-tines day... It will set you back a cool $1,600 USD.

[ Crave via BBGeeks