Update: The first 200 users to purchase AddOnis can get 50% off! Just use the code GET50INTRO at checkout. This code will only work in our mobile app store or mobile app store client. Head over to this link from your device to purchase.

The app formerly know as BerryAddon has been rebranded AddOnis and is now available for purchase in the CrackBerry App Store. AddOnis is an "all-in-one" utility that gives you a boat load of tweaks for your device, letting you take total control of numerous options. You can add vibrate on calls, autolock, call firewall, blocked call log, block or allow numbers, tweak the missed call log and much, much more. The options are plenty here, and if you are looking for the utmost customization then this is definitely for you. AddOnis is available for $14.95, and all beta testers will be able to purchase at the reduced price of $4.99 directly from Twinkler Software. If you were a beta tester you should receive an email with instructions on how to purchase.

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