These days we've been hearing plenty of rumors about Research In Motions BlackBerry PlayBook having the ability to run Google's Android application. Whether or not it turns out to be true remains to been seen but the evidence is mounting at a rapid pace. While Mobile World Congress brought us some information surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook and we did get to see some cool demos overall, not much more then what was already known was revealed in Barcelona -- or was it?

The above is of course a YouTube video that was sent into us. At first glance it just appears to be a normal walkthrough of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Nothing different from each and every other demo that was given during Mobile World Congress. However, the details are in the audio for this one. While the background noise is heavy if you pay attention around the 0:14 second mark the person giving the demo clearly states, "We'll also support Android apps". That's a pretty bold statement to be making during Mobile World Congress without some sort of information being known to back it up. Is it confirmation? No, not exactly. But why would that even slip out if there was no basis for it?

Source: Twitter

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