BlackBerry Addiction is a Serious Problem!Each and every day here at we hear stories from members and non-members regarding their addiction to BlackBerry devices.

Some of the stories are humerous, (for example, how one of our members places his BlackBerry next to his ear while sleeping so that his alarm will wake him up... apparently he's a deep sleeper.) and other stories shed light on perhaps a more serious problem (i.e. a member that told us he's gone through 5 devices because he brings his BlackBerry into the squash and racquetball courts he plays at...inevitably the BlackBerry gets stomped or crushed, and he has to get a new one.)

The whole point I'm trying to make here is that we never want your BlackBerry use to become a full-out addiction (well, I don't want it to anyway!).

To help curb addiction, we have put together a 13-step plan to fight BlackBerry Addiction.

If you've already read this, GREAT! Spread the word or share the link with anyone you think might need help.

If you haven't checked it out, do so now by clicking here