We know that there is no ability for apps to run 'headless' right now on BlackBerry 10, meaning you need to keep apps running as an Active Frame to get certain features to work. Developers have then used this as a means to show important or relevant information on the Active Frame for you to see at a glance. This isn't always a pretty sight though. That's where an app like VitalSigns aims to be different.

VitalSigns allows you to customize your Active Frame. The data that you can see in your Active Frame for VitalSigns are your battery percentage and free memory but you can customize how this looks, even giving you the ability to use your own image in the Active Frame.

There are a few color image backgrounds provided with the app and you also have the choice to use a solid color too. For the battery image, there are three different default images to choose from and these can be resized as you see fit. Along with the battery image you have the text of the actual battery percentage. You can change the font color of this as well as resize it too. As far as the memory icon and text goes, you can't resize the image but the text color can be changed. All three items, memory icon, battery and text, can be rotated too, just to make things every more interesting.

You can make as many presets as you like too. So, you can create many different versions for your different moods. Or maybe one for each day of the week. I've been enjoying VitalSigns very much, mostly because you can stick your own image in there. It makes the Active Frame stand out a bit more and you can adjust all areas just the way you want it.

VitalSigns is available in BlackBerry World today and costs $0.99/£0.75. It's a pretty neat app for a buck. It's available for both the Z10 and Q10. Get it today.

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