Do you have a better name for this symbol than the BlackBerry "splat"? Leave a comment with your suggestion and you could win a sweet prize!

The BlackBerry....

If you're a BlackBerry user, you know the symbol in the image above. It's the graphic layered on top of application icons on the the BlackBerry homescreen, letting you know new messages have arrived in those apps.

For BlackBerry users, it's a powerful symbol. When you see it, it's hard to avoid clicking on it. You just have to take action and check what messages have come your way. But what's the name of this BlackBerry symbol?

Throughout the world... throughout history... powerful symbols typically have names associated with them. It only makes sense that this symbol for BlackBerry be given a proper name. This is especially true considering we are seeing the symbol show up in BlackBerry advertising. In India, BlackBerry launched a new Action Starts Here marketing campaign that puts a lot of emphasis on this symbol. 

Unofficially, I know Research In Motion employees have historically referred to this symbol as the "splat". Splat is definitely descriptive and fits with the basic look of the graphic (see google image search). It's also fitting given that it's typically splat on top of other icons. But... there's just something about the word splat that comes across as less than ideal for the name of a powerful symbol that represents Action. So I think it's time CrackBerry Nation weigh in with some suggestions as to what this symbol should be referred to as.

Question of the Week: What would you call the symbol in the image above? Leave a comment with your suggestions! We'll do a follow up post soon with our favorites and give away a sweet prize to our favorite of the bunch!