Aces Traffic Pack

Aces Traffic Pack is a take on the classic parking lot game. You haev to move your car and others around the parking lot and help set your car free. There are over 400 puzzle layouts, each with varying difficulty. This mind game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Features include:

  • Over 475 puzzles of increasing difficulty.
  • Immoveable objects, such as rocks, corners and potholes, to test your brain and increase difficulty.
  • Vibrant and attractive graphics.
  • Fun sound effects.
  • Play each pack straight through or select any puzzle using "Choose Puzzle" option.
  • Unlimited amount of undo and redo moves!
  • Records the best time, lowest move count, and how many undo and redo moves.
  • Automatically tracks your statistics, including how many moves made in each puzzle and how much time it takes to complete.
  • 6 level packs of varying difficulty with 80 puzzles in each!

Aces Traffic Pack is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store for $3.99 until December 13th. It is available for all devices running OS 4.2 or higher.

  • More information and download of Aces Traffic Pack>>