aces texas hold em Texas Hold ‘em is everywhere. You can’t turn on the TV after 10 pm without a least a couple of games on some channel. It’s a fast-paced game that is made for TV and for BlackBerries. It is an easy game to learn (well, the basics anyway) and a very democratic game – players seem to come form all walks of life and success is a perfect blend of luck and skill.

On the Blackberry, the game is perfectly suited to people on the go or someone with either a few minutes or a few hours to burn. Some of the nuances of the game need to be learned and come with experience so quick game-play in this version is a great teaching tool.

I’m not a hard core player – I’ll play the odd game in a tournament but I’m not online making money from poker everyday. That said, I am getting pretty addicted to Aces Texas Hold ‘Em – No Limit.

Playing with other “real” people is a different dynamic certainly – they can bluff and make mistakes. So there is an element that is missing from playing against a computer. But that is made up for in speed and usability.

The graphics are simple but excellent and the playing field makes it easy to follow along. You can adjust the speed, although I find the normal setting to be pretty quick. The blinds are raised quickly so the game moves along quickly. You can adjust the amounts of the blinds and the rate at which they change. You can also adjust player skill levels and review your stats.

Although it wasn’t available on my version, you can also select either Casino or tournament mode. I only have tournament mode, which is fine by me.

If there is one complaint it is that the other “players” tend to bet their hands. The game claims that “players” do bluff. In the preset levels they tend not to, I have found that if a player goes all in early then they usually have a good hand. However, you can adjust the skill levels of the players once you have mastered the basics and that offers up some level of unpredicabilty. There are five levels to keep you on your toes.

Overall, it is an excellent game and an addicting one. Definitely recommend this one for everyone with a BlackBerry. Aces Texas Hold ‘Em is easy to install and quick to load up and certainly one of the best solo card games out there for the BlackBerry. It is compatible with almost all BlackBerries.