v-moda Bass Freq In-Ear Headphones

They don’t want music, they don’t know how to use it.
All they want is a boom boom boom boom….

If more boom is what you’re looking for, V-Moda brings a bountiful barrage of bassy boom-osity with their Bass Freq In-Ear Headset. There’s a great lineup of Bluetooth Stereo headsets out there. Though they are compelling, one should not forget the countless options that lie before us. Personally, I prefer the small discreet headphones over most other headsets. Call me crazy, but in this wireless world, it’s good to have at least a few wires to keep you grounded. Enjoy more boom boom while benefiting from noise cancellation, and amazingly comfortable silicone buds.

Bass Freq was awarded CNET’s Editor’s Choice award in October 2006. Not an oldie and definitely a goodie, Bass Freq is available in seven hot colours Platinum White, Bling Bling Black, Orange Camo, Hot Pink, Blue Steel, Jungle Green and Rocker Red.

Let’s test these out and get our “freq” on! Sorry I couldn’t resist……

Can you hear What I hear?

the v-moda in its package
Shall I unleash the beast?

As I glanced through the packaging, Bass Freq reminded me of JLab’s JBuds, though much smaller and fashionable. I wasn’t impressed in the least by the sound quality (and volume) of the JBuds. A good volume should be expected, especially for an earphone with an in-ear design. Lets see if Bass Freq proves to be superior!

Besides the headphones, you are also given 3 sizes of silicone fittings. They seem to slightly resemble a jelly fish in design. Perhaps this is a hint of the electrifying audio experience I was about to partake in? Also included is a modawrap cable manager. Very, very handy in my opinion. I look forward to getting to my music faster, as I will no longer find myself trying to untangle the crochet-like mess my wires are usually in. 

v-moda package contents
All you need for your musical enjoyment
Neat Freak!
Keeping my Bass Freq neater than my office!

Straight from v-moda here are the basic stats for Bass Freq:

Included Accessories: modawrap cable manager, 3 sizes of silicone fittings
Bass Fréq Level: 122dB at 20 Hz
Frequency Response: 8 Hz – 22000 Hz
Speaker Driver: 10mm neodymium rare earth magnet
Cable length: 30.5” plug to y-connector, 13.5” even-length earphone cables
Plug: 24k gold-plated, straight 3.5mm mini-plug

Measuring the “Bass-o-meter”

The sound quality is outstanding. I found new depths and enjoyment in my music, from Black-Eyed Peas to Sarah Slean. The sound seemed real, no metallic ting to any of the different types of music to be heard. Not only was the bass boosted to beautiful levels, but I found the treble levels well refined. There was a lot of power coming out of these tiny headphones. I actually lowered my volume level by a few notches. Insert the all mighty “Pump up the Jam” techno, as I was brave (or stupid) enough to pump up the volume and found no distortion in the audio at all. Bass Freq really brought the music to life. These headphones are leaps and bounds over the native BlackBerry headset, as far as quality goes, but you can’t use them on calls.

I should explain the noise cancellation I mentioned earlier. You won’t find it as artificial as you would in some headsets with regards to the sound in the music. Nor will it require a flip or a switch or even draw extra power. The Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone, or BLISS, technology is built into the design. Bliss indeed! I could be in the same room with the tv on, watching a movie with the home theatre system on and I can still enjoy my music with the movie non-existent in my ears.

Final Thoughts

I am sold on V-moda’s Bass Freq In-Ear Headset! The audio wizardry is top notch. Big things DO come in small packages. My only complaint is a lack of a carrying case. The modaphone cable manager is a great accessory but the wires need to be protected when toting them around. Discover what you have been missing, feel every pulsing beat with V-Moda and your BlackBerry. The only second thought you should have is which colour. I’m sporting Bling Bling Black.

v-moda Bass Freq In-Ear Headphones Review Summary:
v-moda Bass Freq In-Ear Headphones
v-moda Bass Freq In-Ear Headphones


  • Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone (BLISS) Technology
  • Lightweight and discreet
  • Comfortable
  • Oustanding Sound Quality


  • No carrying case
  • Cannot be used for calls
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