Seidio USB Desktop BlackBerry Cradle
Simple Cradle Helps with Desktop Clutter

Looking to de-clutter your desk? If you are like me, you have cables running all over the place and recharging your BlackBerry can often involve hunting down an outlet and your recharging cable. I have tried the BlackBerry multifunction desktop recharging platform that also had ports for earphones and found it very handy. The Seidio Desktop Recharging Cradle is a stylish, albeit simpler, desktop solution to desktop clutter and an easy-to-use accessory for both Pearl and Curve versions of the BlackBerry.

The Device

The Seidio Desktop Cradle was designed for the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl and will probably fit that well. However the design also allows for the Curve to sit well in the cradle. The cradle wouldn’t hold the Curve if you tipped it over but is sits within the cradle for its intended purpose. This is a useful feature if you are making the change from one Berry to another.

The Seidio USB Desktop BlackBerry Cradle
The Curve sits comfortably within the cradle while charging

You can also use the cradle with a rubberized skin or case still on, which is a huge advantage over similar cradles.

The unit comes with a USB to mini USB cable in order to charge your Berry through your computer. You can also synch your Berry through the same cable. My unit didn’t come with a cable to an outlet, but there is a port on the rear to allow you to use the recharging cable that comes with your BlackBerry. You can purchase a separate cable and travel adapter if you wish.
The USB port is on the side of the unit not the bottom with is another good feature.

Seidio USB BlackBerry Cradle
Most components are easy to access and use

One thing to note is that the side switch needs to be in the charging position on order to have the Berry charge. There is an LED that does indicate charging to help avoid forgetting to flick on the switch.

My first reaction was to ask why there weren’t internal points to slip your BlackBerry onto without having to use cables to recharge. But the lack of direct recharging points allows for the use of both Pearl and Curve, and the lack of a necessary outlet cable cuts down on clutter.

The cradle itself is sturdy and solid feeling and holds the BlackBerry well and is coated in a cool-looking matte, rubberized coating.

Front View of the Seidio USB BlackBerry Cradle
The Seidio Desktop USB Cradle features a stylish yet sturdy design 

The Bottom Line

This is a pretty basic addition for the BlackBerry line of accessories. It is a pretty simple cradle that has two main features – it allows you to recharge without taking off your BlackBerry skin and is usable with both Pearls and Curves.

It helps declutter your life somewhat. I am always looking for my Berry on my messy desk and, if nothing else, this cradle gives you a place to put your Berry each day. The advantage of other rechargers that use charging points is you can lift them off the cradle without unplugging them if you get a call or message. With the Seidio cradle here having to unplug a cable is a bit of pain. But overall the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Seidio USB Desktop BlackBerry Cradle Review Summary:
Seidio USB Desktop BlackBerry Cradle


  • Sturdy
  • Fits both Pearl and Curve
  • Nice looks
  • Comes with USB to mini USB 'charge only' cable


  • No point recharging option
  • Need to buy additional outlet cable
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