The unique case leaves my ultimate decision on it at 50/50. I like the case itself - the fact that it has a screen protector and keyboard cover built in, but I'm not sure its really worth having those "bonus features" at the end of the day. The Seidio Innocase 360 two-part case snaps right on and holds tight. Its overall very sturdy and can certaintly stand up to a drop. While it covers more of the device than most cases, the side keys and ports are still left exposed. I think the biggest issue I had was trying to adjust to using the trackpad with the case on. I think on previous devices it wasn't an issue since the trackball had enough height to clear the line of the case, but I found using the trackpad difficult at times, although there is a decent amount of space to work with. Depending on your needs the case may be a good fit for you, but I think for the extra cost, the keyboard and screen protection may be a bit much to justify the price.

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