BlackBerry Screen Protectors
Find a Screen Protector for your BlackBerry 

Last night I was out with one of my lesser friends (I say lesser friend because he's actually an iPhone user) and we got into a bit of a debate about screen protectors. My buddy is absolutely anal about having a screen protector on his phone - the first thing he did when he bought it, before he even used it once, was put on a screen protector. It makes sense I guess. A well-made, well-applied screen protector will ensure your smartphone's display remains in pristine condition. You do look at the screen every time you use your phone, so a scratch on the surface can become annoyingly obvious - it turns into that thing you see every time you have the phone in your hand.

That conversation had me wondering this morning about where CrackBerry Nation weighs in on the screen protector debate. Do the majority of us BlackBerry users apply a screen protector on our Bolds, Storms, Curves, Pearls and Tours? Or are more of us BlackBerry exhibitionists and go naked and risk a scratch or two? I'm curious to see the results of this one, so cast your vote above and sound off in the comments with your screen protection / disaster stories!

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