Remember back when BlackBerry 10 was just starting to get announced? You might have heard at that time that BitTorrent was working on bringing their app collection to the platform. The noted time came for release and well, the apps never appeared in BlackBerry World for whatever reason. Since then there has been a few torrent apps come and go but one that has been updated and improved is Torrent Time.

Torrent Time isn't an app that allows you to run BitTorrent off your device but rather a remote app that can access your uTorrent install running on your computer at home. With it, you can download and control torrent files on the go directly from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone plus, it also works with the now common magnet links as well.


  • Uses uTorrent Remote feature, just put in the same username and password that you use for
  • ActiveFrame giving you a quick and easy update of what your uTorrent is up to.
  • Built in WebView allows you to go to your favorite sites and easily add new torrents to uTorrent's queue
  • Pause, Start, Stop, and Delete torrents in uTorrent's queue
  • View file list for a torrent and see the download status of each
  • Set file download priority
  • Notifications of completed downloads (You may disable these through the app settings)

While using your browser to access uTorrent remote works perfectly fine, having a native app like Torrent Time is an awesome option to have. Couple it with the fact you also have remote computer access built into BlackBerry Link that's accessible over the network and it makes for a pretty sweet package. Torrent Time is available now in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices and it's set at $2.99.

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