Access the Quick Settings menu from anywhere in BlackBerry OS 10.3

The Quick Settings menu on BlackBerry 10 is nothing new but it only really became fully functional when BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 dropped. There was still one thing that bothered many people -- you couldn't access it when you were in an app. You would have to minimize said app first the access it from the Homescreen. Though Quick Settings can also be accessed whilst in the Hub, many folk have been requesting the ability access it from anywhere.

With BlackBerry OS 10.3, this will now be possible. In the latest sneak peek from Michael Clewley on his BBM Channel, he shows us that you can access the Quick Settings menu from anywhere by swiping down from the top with two fingers.

I'm very glad to see this feature. While it's not here yet, I'm happy to know that it is coming.

Also, coming in OS 10.3 is a permanent 'Home' screen. This is essentially the Active Frame screen. If you notice in the screenshots, there is a little 'Home' icon along of the bottom of the Homescreen. This is the always on 'Home'. When all apps are closed, it will basically be a blank screen, where you can admire your wallpaper in all its glory. There will be an option to turn this off, too.

With all the sneak peeks so far , I think OS 10.3 is shaping up nicely. Personally, I think the icons can do with some improvements but overall, I like where it is heading.

We'll keep you posted as and when more sneak peeks arrive but you can follow Michael Clewley on BBM Channels to get updates - C00014277. One thing to note though, is that all these sneak peeks are coming from SDK content. There may be changes when the official OS lands.