Access cloud services swiftly with PlayCloud 10

On BlackBerry 10 I make use of the File Manager quite a lot. It does the job well but if you’re looking for a File Manager that can offer you more, check out PlayCloud 10. As well as being a File Manager that can access your local storage including your SD Card, it can access cloud services too. Yes, you can get Dropbox, Box and the newly added OneDrive with the built in File Manager but what if you use other cloud services like Google Drive, SugarSync or want to access remote files via FTP? PlayCloud 10 lets you do that.

Adding accounts to PlayCloud 10 is simple too, just swipe down from the top and go to Settings, then hit the Accounts tab. You can then start to choose which cloud services you want to add and then just login to them. Make sure you also enable it if you want to see it available in the side menu. There are then a variety of settings you can set for each account, including whether or not you want to load thumbnails over Wi-Fi only. There is also an option for PlayCloud to automatically connect to your account, or not, when you launch the app. If this is set to off, you can connect manually when you go into that cloud service via the menu. There are quite a few options available to customise your experience so be sure to check them all. By default, it is set to open files and folders on a second tap, meaning you have to tap it twice to open whatever you select. You can change this in the options for each cloud service, including local drives.

If you have multiple accounts for certain cloud services, you can add them too. So, if you have two Google Drive accounts or Dropbox accounts, for example, you can add both. Something the native file manager doesn't offer. This may not be the case for everyone but the option is there.

PlayCloud 10 SugarSync  PlayCloud 10 account options

Cloud services available via PlayCloud 10

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • SugarSync
  • OpenDataSpace
  • Webdav

With PlayCloud 10 you can also print with a network postscript printer using the IPP Protocol. It is not a feature I have tried yet but it is an option available. You can move or copy files around and you can mark files or folders as favourite so you can quickly navigate to them by using the Bookmarks tab in the menu. If you move, copy or add files around you can see the transfer progress by going into the menu and selecting Transfers. There is an option to clear this list should you want to. When viewing image thumbnails you can also pinch to zoom to see larger thumbnails. It gets saved in the last state too, so if you don’t have to adjust it every time. You can also change the Audio ID3 tag on your music files and it has EXIF metadata image support too, with PlayCould 10.

Since PlayCloud 10 is built in Cascades, you’ll feel at home navigating the app, much like using the built in file manager. It is a joy to use and a must have if you do use other cloud services. It is very feature rich, you can even share files over cloud services, providing others with a link to the file or folder.

If you’d like to try out PlayCloud 10 there is a free version available. The free version only lets you view files, just to let you test the water. The full version costs $1.99. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It really is an advanced file manager, one I am liking a lot. This app really has a lot to offer.

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