When it comes to decent driving games on the BlackBerry PlayBook there isn't a huge list of options. We do have some good ones, but the selection is quite small compared to other operating systems. Acceler8 is new to the PlayBook and I am happy to say that it falls neatly into the category of quality games. If you fancy testing your racing skills off road then you should definitely pick up Acceler8.

The graphics are pretty good, gameplay is smooth and even navigating around the menus and options is fast and responsive. The developer has clearly worked long and hard to get things right and he/she gets the thumbs up from me. If you don't just fancy racing the computer you can also race real people. Yes - there is WiFi multiplayer support for up to 4 players. Acceler8 won't break the bank either. It holds a very reasonable price tag of $1.99 and for that you get 13 different tracks, a selection of vehicles and more tracks will be added in the future.

Full features of the game include:

  • 13 tracks in multiple locations (with more to be added in the future)
  • 3 different race modes - Race against the clock, AI opponents, or your friends.
  • Brand new wi-fi multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Stunning 3d visuals!
  • Online leader-boards so you can compete with players across the globe.
  • Huge, open, environments. Drive wherever you want!
  • Collect prize money by winning races, and use it to upgrade to faster and better vehicles.
  • Optimized for BlackBerry® PlayBookTM

More information/Download Acceler8 for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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