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Rogers Flex Data Plan

Get excited, but not TOO excited. Endgadget Mobile dropped word yesterday that Rogers is introducing a new Flex Rate Data Plan for PC Cards which ups Rogers' ante in the data game. At Tier 4 we're talking $100/mo. for 5GB of data (and only $0.03 per additional MB). The best part is you can start with Tier 1 (1GB for $65) and if you accidentally go over the limit you automatically get bumped to Tier 2!

I said don't get TOO excited - keep in mind this news is for PC Cards, not BlackBerrys, but hopefully is a sign of good things to come for BlackBerry Users. It kind of makes me really mad - obviously Rogers can still make money with data use at these new rates - but they're still taking us berry users for $60/mo. for 25 megs or $100/mo. for 200 megs (and it's currently not tiered so going over is COSTLY at a ridiculous rate right now - like $7/meg. Accidentally use 40 megs when you're on the 25 meg plan and you'll pay another $100+ bucks in overcharges!).

By REASONABLE I mean reasonable for Canadians. Keep in mind you can find $30 unlimited data BlackBerry plans in the United States. I guess Canadian GSM monopolies can get away with pretty much whatever they want.

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