Our good friend Michael Clewley has taken to his BBM channel once again to bring us some great news. The ability to choose between the light and dark theme will be added to the OS in an upcoming version.

Just what that version is yet we're not quite sure and we'd assume this only applies to the Q10, though we could be wrong.

The release of the OS 10.1 MR swapped out the dark theme to light for Q10 users and while some prefer it, others were not too happy (check out our poll results here). Thankfully you'll now have the option to choose your theme for the Calendar, Contacts, BBM and SMS apps. 

So just a tibit of good news and we couldn't be more excited. Again, no word of just when we'll see it or for what devices, but it's coming. Thanks to some new images, looks like it will be available on the Z10 as well.

Be sure to follow Michael Clewleys BBM Channel: C00014277