If you've been a regular visit to CrackBerry since BlackBerry 10 hit the scene you would have seen us feature a whole host of note taking application - most of them being pretty awesome. ABI Notes falls into that same category, but it does have a secret weapon hidden within. Read on to discover the mystery....

Initially ABI Notes is free to download but if you fancy upgrading to the Pro version for just a couple of bucks you can take advantage of its true secret power - cloud syncing. I always use a note app on my BlackBerry and usually when I switch devices I manage to forget about the notes and lose them. Not anymore though!

In addition to the cloud options ABI Notes is bursting with color, has a light and dark theme and is super user friendly. The native application has clearly taken a lot of time and hard work into developing and the price for the Pro edition is more than worth it if you ask me. With the added bonus of adding alarms for each note and BlackBerry calendar integration I suspect this will be the number one BlackBerry 10 note app for the foreseeable future. If you're not a fan of Evernote then this could well be the next best thing? 

Nice work Mr Developer. I tip my hat to you. 


  • Simple & colorful user interface in Cascades
  • Manage notes and to-do lists in one app 
  • Sort notes and to-do lists by title, color, time of update or time of creation
  • Set an alarm for each note or to-do by integration with Calendar App 
  • Easy to search by keywords by text sharing from any application.
  • Easy to share/co-edit note or to-do list with another ABI Notes user 
  • Backup/restore your notes or to-do lists from server

ABI Notes is available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets. Give the free version a go and see what you think? 

More information/Download ABI Notes (free) for BlackBerry 10