AAA MobileLooking at the Press Release and AAA's website, it seems the company is showing some GPS BlackBerry love - for $9.99/mo. (billed by carrier) you can run the AAA Mobile app on your BlackBerry 8830 or BlackBerry Pearl 8130. I say some love, as it seems GSM carriers are left out on this one - sorry guys. From what I can tell, AAA Mobile hasn't updated their website to reflect the addition of BlackBerry smartphones to their list of compatible devices just set, so hopefully both Sprint and Verizon will get the treatment - I surfed the web for a few minutes still couldn't get that quite figured out. More details at and you can read the press release after the jump. 


AAA unveils AAA Mobile on selected BlackBerry smartphones 

AAA Mobile subscribers, whether they are AAA members or non-members, can now use a BlackBerry smartphone to receive visual and audible directions to any travel destination in the U.S.; locate AAA Approved points of interest (POIs), including Diamond Rated hotels and restaurants; and search more than 100,000 locations that offer AAA Show Your Card & Save member savings. AAA Mobile subscribers can review detailed AAA descriptions for POIs on their smartphone, receive a map showing a destination on the mobile phone screen, receive audible turn-by-turn navigation to the destination, and bookmark locations as favorites for quick recall in future.

If AAA members experience vehicle difficulties, AAA Mobile streamlines access to AAA’s member roadside assistance service. The press of a single button on the BlackBerry smartphone sends the member’s GPS location to AAA and connects the member with AAA for reliable roadside assistance services.

“Now business travelers can use a BlackBerry smartphone to search for a AAA Diamond Rated restaurant or hotel, and members can send AAA their GPS location if they require roadside assistance,” said Marshall L. Doney, Vice President, Automotive at AAA.

Powered by the industry-leading Networks In Motion (NIM) location-based services platform, AAA Mobile is available for download onto the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition and BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphones for a monthly subscription price of $9.99.

More information, including a complete list of which mobile phones are compatible with AAA Mobile and directions for downloading the application onto phones, is available at