t mobile blackberry 8800Some confusion in the blogoshpere this morning over T-Mobile’s alleged launch of the Blackberry 8800.

TBG is claiming images of the new BlackBerry are on the T-Mobile site, but I can’t find them. At least not in the phone or BlackBerry sections.

Other sites are claiming that the 8800 will be released on Monday.

T-Mobile already released the 8800 in Europe at the end of February. The T-Mobile version will be the same as the device first debuted recently by Cingular. However, T-Mobile will customize its 8800 with the popular ‘My Faves’ program, which that allows you to set five numbers that you can call at any time free of charge.

Operating on T-Mobile's EDGE network, the quad-band BlackBerry 8800 will also offer a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) to support location-based applications. BlackBerry Maps will also be included, which provides on-screen driving directions with the ability to track the route via the GPS, and also makes it easy for customers to generate a map directly from their BlackBerry Address Book.

T-Mobile just published a media release announcing the introduction of the 8800. So, assuming the images on the T-Mobile site are embargoed, and the press release is correct, let’s make a leap of faith and say the 8800 will available on Monday.