Telus Curve 8330I love slip-ups and I love photoshop. And it seems yesterday either somebody at Telus slipped up, or else somebody who was bored did some photoshopping. Either way, the story hit the blogosphere, so I thought I'd toss it up as blog post of hope for everyone on CDMA carriers waiting desperately for the 8330 Curve to be released. 

So if this it true, it seems somebody at Telus posted the 8330 Curve on the company's website. I've only seen the screen capture, so can't confirm or deny that it was actually there. If it was there, COOL. Telus typically isn't the first CDMA carrier to receive new phones, so if there was actually an accidental photo up at it should mean that it is in fact coming soon to Telus which means Verizon and Sprint customers have an even shorter wait.

Looking at the screenshot though, I'm thinking this is most definitely photoshop: a) it's missing the Telus logo on the bottom of the phone (which every other BlackBerry on the Telus website features b) it looks like the stock photo of the original 8300 you can grab from RIM's website... I'd expect the CDMA Curve to launch in at least a slightly different color scheme and c) the pricing shown on the page is actually less than the 8130 shown on the same page. I wouldn't think that would be the case when this phone hits the market.

I think it's photoshop, and if it is, I guess you can consider this rumor debunked. But decide for yourself - you can click here to see the full screenshot. What do you think? Fact or Fiction? Let us know!

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