I am always a fan of a well-assembled infographic, and this morning while checking out my twitter stream I came across an awesome BlackBerry one. Titled 8 Reasons BlackBerry Owners Get It Done, it was put together from data collected by a Verizon survey that polled 1700 smartphone users earlier this year.

The results are what you might expect when visualizing the "classic" BlackBerry user. They're jetsetters. They're team leaders. They communicate. A LOT. They're organized and resourceful, and undoubtedly, successful. 

Over the years a whole bunch of phrases and slogans have been used to describe BlackBerry devices and this type of user and their mentality. Always On, Always Connected. BlackBerry People Do. We want tools, not toys. BlackBerry is for people who have sh!t to do, and need to get it done (as opposed to people who have time to kill and are looking for things to do).

BlackBerry owners get it done!

As illustrated by this infographic, it's clear to me that this user still exists in 2013 and BlackBerry is still the best first solution for them (as I'm typing this I'm having flashbacks to CrackBerry Kevin's Smartphone Hierarchy of Needs), whether we're talking BB7 or BB10 phones.

I say first, because I believe these days your choice in mobile solutions is not necessarily an either or decision, and that if you want a completely uncompromised mobile experience that you're likely going to be owning two mobile devices (I've been saying that since 2008 to be honest).

I know plenty of people who absolutely personify this infographic, are BlackBerry users and will be for the long haul, and also own another device, like an iPad. This doesn't make them less of a BlackBerry user than the person who's only all-in on BB. They still value that BlackBerry experience for where it excels the most. It's always BlackBerry first.