Back at WES we took a great look at the upcoming 7digital Music Store (video above), and today they have launched a preview so everyone can check out the service. 7digital will allow BlackBerry users to easily browse and download music straight to any device. The official launch will take place in London on October 6th, but users in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany can check out a preview version now. Sadly no support for Canadian users in the preview (coming on the 6th), and you must have either a Bold or Curve 8900 to get in on the action. Upon the official release further devices will be supported and we'll hear all the details on the "click to buy" integration with other music applications. We'll have more on this much anticipated app upon the full release, but at least for now we can get a sneak peak of what it sure to be a much-used application by many BlackBerry users out there.

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