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Review of 5BARz Road Warrior for BlackBerry

Have you had a problem with keeping a steady signal on your Smart Phone device? Maybe you're driving and you lose reception going downhill. Maybe you've dropped a few calls while talking at home, or better yet, you have to go to a kitchen corner for better reception. Well the kind people at 5BARz have come up with a possible solution for those of us that live out in the sticks with no reception, called the ROAD WARRIOR. The slogan for 5BARz is "Always On! Always connected! Anytime. Anywhere." Sounds tough doesn't it? After all, it's a WARRIOR!


Installation was pretty easy; the universal holder is attached to a gooseneck that has a 12V cigarette lighter adaptor that plugs into the jack on your dashboard. It's a little sticky, but its better that it doesn't flop over. The coaxial cable connects to the Transmit/Receive module for power. Place the device into the holder, turn it on, and that's it (there is a USB cable included to charge the phone, but it does not fit my 9630). At this point, the connection has been established. You will know because the blue LED lights will turn on in the front of the module. The signal definitely did improve and apparently it will help out more than one device in the car, but the signal will not be as strong as the initial phone that is in the holder. One complaint though is that I had to yell when I was talking on the phone. A hands free device would complete this on-the-go device. I had to yell within a foot of my 9630 in order for the person on the other side of the conversation to hear me.

If you decide that you want to bring it inside for use, it's easy. Just leave the cigarette lighter adapter in the car and pull out the AC converter and plug it into the module and you got it, simple. You also could hook up Tether and surf the internet with faster download speeds.

There are other signal boosters on the market that claim that their product will prolong battery life of your Smart Phone device. I did notice that without the USB cable connected, the battery lasted longer, because it wasn't trying so hard to pull in a signal. This will save you some time running around the house looking for better reception. There are other signal boosters on the market such as Cell Ranger Stix, (which states it doesn't work on Sprint/Nextel) or Wilson Electronics Mobile Wireless Dual-Band Amplifier Set (this device is only for a mobile signal boost) or finally Wilson Electronics SIGNALBOOST DT Dual-Band 800/1900 MHz Desktop Amplifier Kit (works on multiple devices simultaneously)

Check out their suggestive videos here.

One thing to remember is that the Road Warrior cannot create a signal, so if you are truly in a dead zone then this is not the device for you. It will only help if there is a actual signal to amplify, so that you may make those important calls.

Here is an example of when the Road Warrior does not work: (source

Q:Even though I'm using 5BARz sometimes my calls still drop and are not always clear?
A: Mobile phone technology requires quality connections from both parties on the call. Although you made a wise purchasing decision and will enjoy clearer calls, if you're talking to someone in a dread zone, their signal is weak. If they're not using 5BARz their signal is low and you both are suffering from their inability to keep clear calls. Suggest that they up their gain by using 5BARz - send them to our website for more information on how they can communicate more clearly.

Road Warrior Specifications:

  • Maximum input power: +20 dBm
  • Output power: .25 watt average / 1 watt maximum peak
  • Service antenna: Cigarette lighter / power cord antenna
  • Frequency Bands: Multi-band US Cellular and multi-band US PCS
  • System Gain Cell/PCS: 40/45 dB, Self Optimizing
  • Power Supply: 12v DC
  • Power Dissipation: 6 Watts
  • Dimensions: 5.0" x 4.75" x 1.35"
  • Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)


  • Better Signal
  • No permanent installation.
  • No external antenna and cabling required
  • Works on your cell phone, PDA, and data enabled laptops


  • Wires
  • Have to use Bluetooth or handsfree device
  • Has to be in the cradle in order for device to work
  • The USB cable does not fit all models

Final say:

The 5BARz Road Warrior is a great device and I've proven that it works. I've pointed out the pros and cons and I would recommend this to a consumer that lives out in the country or in a building that has problem with getting reception. I tested it in numerous locations and I never had a problem with increasing the signal. (Test may vary for you) Based on a star rating, 1 star meaning, "Wouldn't Recommend" and 5 stars meaning, "Buy it Now". I give it 4.5 stars because of the price tag.

Purchase here or visit their website here.