Everybody knows money goes fast in Vegas. Between the gambling, food, shopping, shows, clubs and more, Vegas will happily take whatever money you have and send you home with empty pockets. But with $500 in your pocket, you can still have a pretty good time in Vegas... or you can be dumb like me and blow that same money with the click of a trackpad by buying a $500 BlackBerry app. And for $500 you'd think this app might come with a happy ending, but trust me, it does not.

When the Crack Team goes to shows like CES, beyond blogging one of Adam's duties is to act as my official handler, making sure I stay on task and don't do anything too stupid (I get easily excited and distracted when there are so many people and so much tech excitement in one place). Unfortunately for CES 2012 this week, Adam flew home a day before me, which inevitably turned into me doing something stupid. So I blame Adam for this purchase.

Enter the Cesar HQ Limited Edition Desktop Clock App by St. Berlin. I'll save the back story of how I decided I needed to buy the app for our next CrackBerry Podcast (for now let's just say I was triple dog dared into it), but buy it I did. And you know what they say, What happens in Vegas ends up on Youtube, so check out the video above to see this Limited Edition desktop clock app get purchased and installed onto my BlackBerry Bold 9900. While at the time of purchase I thought this was the most expensive app in App World, turns out there are quite a few overpriced clock apps in there. And while I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world to have bought the Cesar HQ app, looking at the other clock apps I discovered one review by another person on another $600 clock app, so it looks like there is at least one other sucker out there.

So check out the video above and feel free to make fun of my stupidity in the comments. I fully deserve it. In the meantime, I'm going to brush up on my BlackBerry development skills. If there's going to be a bunch of overpriced clock apps in BlackBerry App World, we might as well get some in there made by me :)

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