When weighing out what device to buy, people will always compare the latest and greatest tech. When looking at BlackBerry 10 devices there are many users who will make the obvious comparisons to the iOS, Android and other devices. As long-time BlackBerry users, we can easily come up with plenty of ways that BlackBerry 10 trumps other platforms without even blinking, and forums member zten did just that.

For those that aren't as educated as to just why BlackBerry 10 is way more awesome than other platforms - zten has laid out over 50 reasons why the BlackBerry Z10 is a great buy. The reasons range from hardware (removable battery, larger screen, LED, NFC) to software (Active Frames, Hub, BlackBerry Balance). 

Of course there are plenty of valid arguments from both sides as to why each would be the "best device" or a better fit for a certain user, but the points outlined in the post do make for a great argument for the BlackBerry Z10. In the honor of tens we'll check out the top ten reasons:

  1. Micro HDMI Port
  2. LED
  3. Removable Battery
  4. BlackBerry Balance
  5. Universal Charging Port (microUSB)
  6. Real Multi-Tasking
  7. NFC
  8. Best Virtual Keyboard (Ever)
  9. No Home Button
  10. Ability to sideload Android apps

The list is full of over 50 reasons that make the Z10 a great buy. It's a great list and while there are some points that may be a bit weak, there are certainly others that make the Z10 stand far ahead of the competition. Some things were even left off the list like BBM screen sharing - which is an awesome selling feature - so there's no doubt we can grow the list to 100 or more reasons.

Many of these points can also be argued depending on your allegiance to a platform, but most of them are indeed great selling points. The Z10 has a slew of features you won't find on other platforms that set it apart from the rest. 

So hit up the forums thread below to check out the list in full and be sure to leave a comment with anything you have to add to the list! 

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