5 Things I Did During the RIM Network Meltdown1. Released anger. Kicking, punching and screaming was all above board here. Nothing like a well-timed and quickly released punch to a wall to relieve the tension!

2. Fiddled with the scroll-wheel. Almost not knowing what to do, I scrolled my scroll-wheel like nobody's business. Up, down, scroll scroll scroll... No particular reason... The built up energy and frustration had to be released!

3. Looked for Help. Thank goodness we created CrackBerry.com... It was the IDEAL place to go and chat with other CrackBerry addicts! Call CrackBerry.com my 'support group' if you will.

4. Prayed for a Resolution. Yes, as I sat there I kept thinking in my mind over and over again... Please let this be over... Please let this be over...

5. Asked Forgiveness for any sins I might have committed... Ok, I didn't really commit any sins... But if I did... and if YOU did... When the network went back up I hope you asked for forgiveness :)