Aerize Email Alerts!

** Update: That's it folks. 5,000 Free Copies Gone! Hope you got one!! Thanks again Aerize for spreading some holiday BlackBerry software cheer! **

Wow! Gotta love Aerize! Following up on their 1,000 free copies give away which many of you took advantage of, today at 12 NOON EST Aerize is giving away another 5,000 copies of Aerize Email Alerts! Here's the details straight from Aerize:

The 1000 copies from our Aerize Alerts holiday promotion went much faster than we wanted (2 hours). As our present to anyone who blinked and missed out but would like to snag a free copy of Alerts, we're giving out another 5,000. This time, Santa will be coming at 12 noon Eastern on the 25th. A new coupon code will be activated at this time that will allow the first five thousand customers a free copy of Aerize Alerts (which, by the way, is now better than ever with release 1.2.1).

Once noon (EST) rolls around on the 25th,

a.. Visit the Alerts page on our web store at

b.. Click the "buy" link to add it to your cart.

c.. Enter coupon code FREE_ALERTS_GIFT and press "Apply Code / Update Cart" to receive 100% off Aerize Alerts. (This coupon will not work before the aforementioned time.)

d.. Verify that the total shows as $0.00.

e.. Checkout as normal, being careful to correctly enter your device PIN so the serial number can be correctly generated.

There you can also download and install Alerts. Then simply enter the generated serial number into the options screen of Alerts to unlock your free licensed copy. And, if by chance you miss this one, not to fret - Alerts is 75% off for the rest of 2008, so you can still get your copy for only $2.50.

Wishing everyone the happiest of new years, Aerize

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you got a copy and when they run out!