If you are after an action packed racing game for your BlackBerry 10 device then 4x4 Offroad racing gets the thumbs up from me. Controlling your truck is done using tilt controls and the sensitivity can be altered within the settings. It's actually easier than it looks in the video - it was kind of hard doing it behind the camera. On-screen you have accelerate and break/reverse pedals and apart from those and the tilt that's all the important stuff.

Clearly, like most racing games the aim is to beat your opponents. There are 20 tracks in total and a bunch of cars you can unlock - which is achieved by earning money from winning races. Smashing into the other racers on the track helps too and with some jumps for extra action it really spices up the fun - the jumps also earn you some pennies.

Graphics wise 4x4 Offroad Racing is pretty sweet. The game is accompanied by some fantastic rock music which helps the whole experience.

The game will set you back £1.50/$1.99 and in my opinion that's decent value for money if this is your sort of game. Don't let my bad driving put you off!

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