For you BlackBerry 10 folk that use the UK carrier giffgaff - you'll be pleased to hear that you will soon be able to take advantage of 4G data speeds. The MNVO that uses the O2 network has updated their website and you can now view the 4G coverage in your area. 

What the site doesn't tell us is when 4G wil be available to customers. In addition, there is no information whether gifgaff will be charging any extra for 4G. If they don't implement any additional plans then it should be extremely good value as their unlimited data goodybags start from just £12 per month. 

As well as giffgaff selling SIM only deals you can also purchase the BlackBerry Q10 from them if you fancy it for £350. Alternatively - if your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is unlocked, it's maybe a possible option for in the near future when pricing and availability is confirmed. 

We will of course keep you in the loop.