41 London Underground stations get Wi-Fi service

Virgin Media's Wi-Fi service can now be found on 41 London Underground stations. Commuters will be able to get Wi-Fi internet access from the ticket hall right down to the train platform. All in the name of the London 2012 Olympics. Unfortunately, between stops there won't be any Wi-Fi access but you can at least get a chance to quickly check things while you wait for your train.

For the moment access to all websites is free for all passengers until the end of the summer. After that, the Wi-Fi portal, that includes TfL travel updates, London news, will still be free, however access to everything else will cost a fee, unless you are a Virgin Media customer.

A total of 120 are expected to get Wi-Fi services by the end of 2012.

What does this mean for BlackBerry users?

Well, just the fact that you can now continue to fulfil your BlackBerry addiction while waiting for you train on the London Underground. Or for that matter, whip out the BlackBerry PlayBook and catch up with CrackBerry news via The CB app. More reasons to get your crack on.

For the list of all the Wi-Fi enabled stations

Source: Stuff.tv