2008 BlackBerrysGregory Wade, RIM's Vice President of Customer Accounts, had quite a bit to say in a recent interview with Business Standard. It's obvious that RIM is not only making a push into the consumer market, but is succeeding at it.

The Blackberry Pearl represented almost 55 per cent of RIM’s total shipments in the first quarter of 2007 and with Pearl 8120 (dubbed as Pearl 2) our commitment to have devices that are beautiful and rich in multimedia applications continues.

RIM recently shipped its 20 millionth Blackberry smart phone and the devices are ranked number one in the global PDA space with 18 per cent market share according to third party research.

Also, our software partners are developing support for 3D graphics to enable more powerful gaming, and rich-media content is on the cards too.

We will also announce another 4-5 models in 2008 and all of them would be packed with consumer-friendly applications and design.

Did you read that last sentence? 4 to 5 new models in 2008?! What do you think is coming? An 8330 (CDMA) Curve? Will the BlackBerry 9000 series show its face (remember that BlackBerry 9000 mock-up)? Maybe we will we see GPS & WiFi get somehow sandwiched into a Curve? What do you want to see from RIM in 2008? Use the comments to make your wish list!

[ Business Standard via RIMarkable ]

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