Alright folks, here is one that will make some users really happy or possibly really mad at the same time. As of yesterday, Bell customers who connected their BlackBerry Storms to their computers and ran Desktop Manager were given the option to go ahead and download and install to their Storms. Now under normal circumstances any user would simply be able to log on to the BlackBerry downloads page and grab the installer and install it and then upgrade their device even if they were NOT a Bell customer by simply deleting one file (vendor.xml). This time though, no installer was posted (still the case as I write this) and the download only came through Desktop Manager making it difficult for users on other carriers to install it (not something that's encouraged by RIM and/or carriers but it's something us BlackBerry addicts do all the time).

In the end, savvy users were able to grab the files from their cache on their PC and upload them for other users to have and install. The process is not for the faint of heart though as it requires downloading the files and overwriting any current OS installation you may have already on your PC. Not very user friendly and some users may not be comfortable in doing this which is understandable.

A link in the CrackBerry forums posted by andybrydon will lead you to the downloads if you wish to take on the task as again even now, there is no installer downloadable. So please use caution if you decide to update. While it is an official update, the method of installing it is far from official... at least for non-Bell users. 

Grab The Files From The CrackBerry Forums To Download And Install >>