3G Coming to T-Mobile October 1st?

CSI fans will know it's often the tiniest piece of evidence which ends up solving the case. Take that notion and transplant it into the cellular world and the unsolved case of when 3G is coming to T-Mobile, and well... the case may just be solved.

The image above is of a piece of paper taped to the wall outside of a TMO meeting and indicates an October 1st, 3G rollout across 27 cities nationwide. Not the biggest piece of evidence in and of itself, but considering October 1st was the previously rumored date and it seems T-Mobile subscribers should start getting excited.

As for the 27 cities, they are... New York City, Austin, NJ and Long Island, Las Vagas, Minneapolis, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Detroit, Orlando, Kansas city, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New England, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Birmingham, Memphis, Tampa and Phoenix! I guess if you happen to be a T-Mobile loyalist and don't live in one of these cities, you may want to consider moving!

The only question now is, when is T-Mobile getting a 3G BlackBerry????

[ TMO News via BBCool ]