Yes, this is another parking game for BlackBerry 10 but if you saw our previous reviews of Truck Parking or Limo Parking you'll know that not only do I love the games, but they also got some pretty positive feedback in the comments. 

3D Bus Parking Simulator comes from the same developer and to be honest the game is much the same as the previous two, however, if you liked those you'll be digging this one as well. Where the game is unique is with the physics of the vehicle. In the game you drive what we call here in the UK a bendy bus. The way you'll need to maneuver it around the course to its parking space is very different to driving a truck or the limousine as they are all mechanically different. For example - the truck obviously bends just behind the cab and then you have a long trailer. But with the bus, the bend happens right in the center, meaning the way you corner will be different to the truck. Following me?

Like the other games there are three variations - a timed challenge, a precision one and a combined one, plus also three locations. Strike the bus on any of the obstacles around the course and it's game over. Graphics wise, this thing is pretty awesome and with the added bonus of various camera angles you really get a good feel of driving around the airport - both in the parking areas and air-side. 

Once again, 3D Bus Parking Simulator is free to download although there are in-app purchases if you fancy upgrading your truck. I'm loving this one and I certainly don't do the in-app purchases. Only the Z30 and Z10 are currently supported at the time of publication I'm afraid. 

Features include: 

  • Featuring the awesome Bendy Bus in various configurations.
  • 3 Realistic Airports: New York, London and Tokyo - full of detail! 
  • 45 Mission Career Mode: start your "crash course" for bus driving skills and progress through ever harder missions.
  • Challenge the World: Leader Boards for every Career and Game Mode. Race for the Best times with the Realistic Handling Bendy Bus! 
  • Tilt, Buttons or Wheel steering 
  • Selectable camera views including Bumper Cam and Real Rear View Mirrors!
  • Unlockable Modes including Fun Mode, Kids Mode and Baby Modes available as IAP to adjust the rules to your liking for an easier ride!

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