We've looked a at few parking games for BlackBerry 10 but this one is the most bizarre of all as the action takes place with an aircraft carrier. 3D Airplane Parking Simulator may well be the most challenging of them all but it's a bunch of fun, if you like this sort of thing. 

There are three sections to the game which give it some nice variation. These are: 

  • SAILOR: Sail the HUGE Aircraft Carrier between dangerous icebergs and through mine infested waters! Only the best Captains will survive! 
  • PILOT: Earn your Pilot Wings with TWO amazing Military Jets in precise Taxi maneuvers. Taxi carefully and don't cause any damage to the multi-million dollar hardware!!
  • DRIVER: Take the vital role of the Deck Tug Tractor Driver to shift the Jets into their take-off positions and park them back when they return from missions.

If you don't have much patience then you'll want to head straight for the ships deck to park either the planes or the tractor. Navigating around the other parked planes sure is hard and it does take some practicing - but it's fun. 

If you have some time on your hands you can try your luck at parking the carrier. As you would imagine, this thing is a big old beast so it moves very slowly and the rudder controls act accordingly. Like with all the other parking games from this developer, you need to guide the ship through the orange gates until you finally find the green parking bay. Parking the ship is jolly hard, but that's half the fun for me. 

Whichever craft you are using you'll have different camera angles you can utilize which are located at the top right of the display. You can also use your finger to pan around the screen and the graphics are pretty darn sweet with this one. 

Like the previous parking games - this one is a free download for the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10, although there are some in-app purchases available if you want them. They certainly aren't a necessity though for you to enjoy the action. 

Features include:

  • 6 different vehicles to sail, drive, push and pull! 
  • BRAND NEW Realistic sailing physics 
  • Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views
  • Customizable controls (wheel, buttons or tilt)
  • Fun, Kids and Baby modes available as In-App Purchases.
  • Leader Boards for each Game Mod

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