26 Advantages of the BlackBerry

The iPhone gets a lot of love by both tech writers and owners of the device for a number reasons, most notably for its easy-to-learn/pretty user interface, the iPhone App Store (and the fact it runs apps/games well) and with its iPod heritage and iTunes integration is a solid media device. In the consumer space especially, these factors go a long way.

We like to take our shots at the iPhone from time to time here at CrackBerry.com (we're a BlackBerry enthusiast site, that's part of our gig, but we always strive to give it the respect it deserves too), but today it was actually Anton Walman over at SeekingAlpha.com who posted a story on BlackBerry's 26 Advantages over the iPhone. Anton makes the case that while the iPhone's advantages are compelling that they are "immediately visible," especially to the casual observer, and that the BlackBerry has a number of "behind the scenes" benefits that are equally compelling and should not be overlooked. Here's a quick sample from the top 26 list:

1. Blackberry can be used on almost every carrier in the world (over 475 of them). In the US, the iPhone is available on AT&T (T) only.
2. Blackberry is available in five form factors - small keyboard, large keyboard, no keyboard, flip phone, and candy-bar.
8. Blackberry has removable and expandable battery. iPhone is fixed.
9. Blackberry allows programs to multitask. iPhone has limited multitasking.
15. Blackberry can be synchronized to multiple computers simultaneously, if you have multiple computers. 

You can click the image above to jump over to SeekingAlpha for the full article and 26 BlackBerry advantages. Be sure to report back with your thoughts. If you think any were missed, leave them in the comments!