Y! Fantasy Football 2010 BlackBerry Y! Fantasy Football 2010 BlackBerry

It's that time once again when football geeks unite to take on fantasy teams everywhere. If you're like me, you want to be able to access you team 24/7 whether at home or on the go. Last year we had the benefit of a semi-decent app for Yahoo! fantasy teams, it has been replaced this year by a mobile site launcher that hopes to keep you in the loop. I was a pretty bug fan of the app as it let you make roster adjustments as well as view info on your league, but for some reason the app is no more this year. Instead the launcher takes you straight to the fantasy mobile site (active on September 1st) is all we have this time around. The mobile site gets the job done and really has all that needs to be there, but it's totally not as fun as having a dedicated app. In any case, you can still get your game on and download the Y! Fantasy Football launcher free from BlackBerry App World.