Download the 2007 Victoria Secret Fashion Show for your BlackBerryAfter a month of not using a BlackBerry (thanks to the Smartphone Round Robin) it is GREAT to be Back on the Crack! To celebrate my return to BlackBerry Goodness, I added a new category to the Blogs this morning - BlackBerry Media. We've been growing our user-contributed BlackBerry Wallpaper and BlackBerry Ringtone galleries like crazy, so I thought I'd start this category to highlight in the blogs some of best bits of BlackBerry compatible media popping up here and elsewhere on the net.

What gets the glory of first post? Let's do a video.... how about the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?! Courtesy of, this BlackBerry formatted video is the ultimate way to kill some time at the airport this holiday season...assuming you're into scantily clad gals walking down a runway in million dollar lingerie! :-)

Download the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fasion Show >>
(144MB, 42m25s)