Today Plus Theme and Scribble Theme

RIM has added two new FREE BlackBerry themes to their portal: the Today Plus theme and Zen Scribble theme. The Today Plus theme is pretty cool - it's like the Today theme, but when you scroll to the right you get a right-justified Zen theme list. The new themes are available for Curve and 8800 Series BlackBlackBerry smartphones (sorry Pearl users!).

The Scribble theme is a salute to the good ole days of Hilroy notebooks and looseleaf, which in today's gadget/electronic age I can only assume must be starting to dwindle. For all of you in high school, college, university or in the office for that matter, why not take all your notes on your BlackBerry?! I'm pretty sure I can type faster on my BlackBerry these days than I can write or print, and reading the notes back off the BlackBerry is much easier than trying to read my chicken scratch. If your teacher or prof ask what you're doing in class with your BlackBerry out, you can say you're Saving a Tree by using a BlackBerry!

Ohh... and in testing these themes out my Curve I realized ONE more thing I'd love to see come in OS version 4.5 (don't think it is though). How about the ability for the BlackBerry to remember the order and visibility (hidden/visible) of shortcuts. It took 45 seconds to download and install my new themes, but 5 minutes to reorder everything the way I like it! In the images above, I reordered the Today Plus but left the Zen (well..I moved two shortcuts on the Zen then snapped the pics).

FREE stuff is great. Hopefully RIM will add these themes and more to the rest of their device lineup over the weeks ahead. 

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