Meet Harrai Singh. I bumped into him at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012. He's 13 years old, and in the four months since he's began developing on BlackBerry, he's published 97 apps. Counting BlackBerry 10PlayBook and BlackBerry, he's apparently up to 155, though I can only see 29 in App World for some reason. To be fair, the vast majority of these apps are news applications that follow more or less the same formula, only using different content feeds, but it's still an industrious start for such a young kid.

He still has a lot to learn, but Harrai only had good things to say about the atmosphere at BlackBerry Jam and how helpful everybody had been so far. Though I was surprised to see someone so young at a developer conference, I noticed that there was at least one other young go-getter in the crowd.

Developers, how young were you when you started programming? We have any other teenage programmers that are looking at getting a start with BlackBerry 10?